How to build an urban ranch in 20 minutes: An expert guide

The city of Austin is making a bold attempt to capitalize on a booming housing market.The city is partnering with Austin Architectural Heritage to help build the first urban ranch.The city’s proposal to build a mixed-use complex in the downtown area is being spearheaded by the Austin Downtown Partnership, an economic development agency.It’s a major […]

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A home design that makes you look like an American?

Three-bedroom, four-bath, two-bath cottage in beautiful surroundings in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia.The house has been constructed on a farm site with the help of local heritage and sustainable building practices.There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms in the home, and a pool, gym, kitchen and living room.It’s the latest design in the city’s […]

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How to make a home in a day

The land you build is almost always going to be a big part of what you live in, so the more space you have to build something, the better.If you’re thinking of creating a home, you’ll need to consider what kind of space you want.Here’s how to think about how to build a home: 1.Designing […]

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Why are some people unhappy about commercial architecture?

In his new book, The Architecture That Changes Lives: How Commercial Architecture Is Changing the World, author Mark Burdon argues that there’s a perception of commercial architecture as a product that only sells itself to people who live in cities, and that, therefore, it’s “not designed to be used in everyday life”.“I don’t think commercial […]

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How to make your home look like a ‘real’ place

Designers can create a new kind of neighbourhood where residents live, work and play, using the right design principles and a few key ingredients.A new series of design books aims to fill that gap, covering key design elements for more than 150 major cities around the world.In this book, the first in a new series, […]

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The Most Beautiful Houses in NYC

Architects are the masters of architecture, and they’re always looking to the future.But in this city, the future is increasingly dependent on where you live.For the latest home design trends, check out our house design guide. The new building:  The home of an architect is a symbol of the designer’s creative vision and commitment to the community.It’s […]

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