How to make a house that looks like it’s from outer space

How do you create a house like the one featured in the upcoming film Interstellar?You can’t really tell from looking at the images, but the design of this futuristic house in the film is inspired by space, which is where the space station is.The house is called Interstellar House, and it looks like something out […]

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How to get a $100,000 house in an architecture class

Design studio Zaha Hadid Architects is offering $100k for a new house in a modern design class.The home, which has a swimming pool and terrace, will be located in Brooklyn’s East Village.The $100K price tag is for the first two bedrooms.The home, a six-bedroom, 5,800 square-foot house with a two-car garage, will sit on five […]

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What you need to know about the Super Bowl LI stadium

With the NFL set to play its first home game in a new stadium in the heart of San Diego, the NFL is expected to open the 2017 season on Monday with a home game against the Atlanta Falcons at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.This article originally appeared in the March 18 issue of the […]

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Why do people want to live in the suburbs?

By the late 20th century, residential and commercial buildings were seen as the future of cities.This article examines the reasons why people want their homes in the cities.article By 2020, only 6 per cent of Canadian households are located in urban areas.This is lower than the 20 per cent in the United States, the 27 […]

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How to Build a Cool House

Building a house in your backyard or a small backyard in your city can be fun, but it also can be a challenge.You may be able to create something that looks great but is a pain to get going.In this article, we will walk you through how to get started and build a house for […]

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