How to make a home design that’s affordable without the fuss

This article is by a community contributor who is a licensed commercial architect.He’s a licensed architect in New York City and has a passion for sustainable design and community building.This is his first article on the topic.If you have any questions or would like to suggest an article, email us at [email protected].You can find […]

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Which architectural designs are best for your city?

The topic of architecture has been a topic of intense debate for a while now, with the popularity of residential designs and new building forms increasing as the cost of living continues to rise.Some architectural experts believe that commercial buildings, while much more expensive, are more sustainable than residential structures, but others feel that commercial […]

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Land-use planning in the new Trump administration

A new Trump Administration policy seeks to reduce land use restrictions and encourage commercial and residential development in the US.This policy would require that all federal land use be reviewed to determine whether it complies with the Clean Water Act, which prohibits the pollution of waterways, and the Clean Air Act, that prohibits the emission […]

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Which architectural designs are worth investing in?

Architectural design is a great field for investment, with a lot of different types of work, ranging from home design to high-end architectural works.But the biggest question in this category is: Is there a good value proposition for the time investment?While the value proposition is subjective, the bottom line is that there’s a lot to […]

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Which building is the most important to you?

The architectural design profession is a fascinating and varied profession, but not everyone will agree with everyone’s opinion of which building is best.We asked our readers to weigh in on the topic.Which building would you like to see the most beautiful?1.St. Paul’s Cathedral in Minneapolis 2.Madison Square Garden in New York 3.The National Gallery of […]

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“I want to live in a city that is beautiful”

In an effort to become more self-sufficient, Israeli students and young professionals are turning to the Israeli landscape.While some are opting for a more rural lifestyle, others are heading north to create new opportunities in the cities.In Israel, the landscape is home to over 3,000 species of plants and animals, including some of the most […]

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