What you need to know about new homes and urban design

What you should know about residential design: A new house isn’t just a place to live, but a whole new way of living.You may already be thinking, “well, that’s not what a home is supposed to look like.”Here are five things you need know about the new world of residential design, with examples from the […]

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Which city should you build your house in?

The city you live in determines what kind of architectural design you’ll want to build.A lot of people will build a house that’s a lot of different things and not necessarily the same as what they want to live in, says Jennifer Tarrant, a professor at Columbia University who has studied architectural design for decades.But […]

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Why do I love architecture?

By far, architecture is my favourite of all creative disciplines.It is not just about the design or the form, but it is also about the human experience, and how it is woven together to produce the most memorable and beautiful objects and buildings we can imagine.But the profession itself has seen its fair share of […]

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Why the building boom in Toronto won’t last for long

Architectural design and design services firms are flocking to the Toronto area, according to an article published on Monday.The trend is driven by an anticipated boom in residential construction, a growing demand for residential buildings, and an increasing demand for offices and retail spaces.The growth has also prompted an influx of developers who are seeking […]

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Why I decided to design a new home

By Kate GeeBristol, UK, September 11, 2019″If I had to sum up my home, it would be something like this: I’ve lived here since the mid-80s and I think it’s a beautiful home.And I’m still here.”This week, I wrote a blogpost about what inspired me to design my own home.In this post, I share some […]

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The new home designer’s guide to designing your own home

The home designer and architect Michael Faucher says that design is about much more than the material you use.“Designing the house is about how it’s made, not about what it looks like,” he writes.“I want it to feel good, but also to be practical.”Fauchers own a design studio, Mazzon Design, and has been known to […]

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