How to fix a condo tower’s problem with air quality

The condo building on the corner of Washington Avenue and West 24th Street in the Bronx has a big problem.

The condominium building at the corner has a ventilation system that’s not working, and that has lead to the building’s air quality problems, according to a letter from the city.

The building has been rated AQI 4, which means that the building is a critical building condition and has an air quality problem.

If it were a city building, the city would be able to make an assessment of the building and fix it, but it’s not.

The Bronx borough president, Ruben Diaz-Balart, sent a letter to the developer, The Manhattan Management Company, requesting a meeting with the company to discuss the problems with the ventilation system.

In the letter, Diaz-Barbosa asked the developer to fix the ventilation issue.

It is unclear how the city plans to fix it.

In a statement, The New York City Department of Buildings said, “We have identified an issue that is not being addressed.”

“It is clear that the ventilation systems in the building are not functioning properly and that we must address this issue as quickly as possible,” the statement continued.

“We will review the matter to determine if we should take any further action.”

It is not the first time the Bronx borough has faced the problems of the ventilation issues.

In 2016, a condominium tower at the intersection of West 23rd Street and West 28th Street had to be demolished after a leaky ventilation system caused smog to shroud the building.

The building was later retrofitted and was rated AQF3.

The air quality issues at the Bronx condominium were first noticed in November, when the building had a new ventilation system installed.

That system, however, had problems, and by January, it had not worked.

According to the New York Daily News, the building at this corner is the largest in the borough, with 2,972 units.