Israel: Land of architectural design and urban design

An Israeli city planning official said Tuesday that Israel is “the land of architectural and urban designs” and has seen a “surge in the number of proposals for buildings of different types.”

“As a result of this, we now have the opportunity to design and build more than 50 new buildings that will provide more than 300 jobs, as well as thousands of apartments and offices,” said Avigdor Lieberman, head of planning for the city of Modiin.

Lieberman also said that Israel will begin work on a “high-speed rail system” that will connect the capital with Jerusalem, the eastern part of the country that is the site of the planned new Palestinian city of Ramallah.

The Jerusalem municipality’s director general, Dov Heffer, told Al Jazeera that the new plans were not an act of terrorism but “a reaction to terrorism and extremism”.

“We are not looking to incite anyone, to create fear.

We are simply looking to create jobs,” Heffer said.

In June, Lieberman’s predecessor as Jerusalem municipality director general said that the plan to redevelop Modiin was a “pre-emptive strike” against terrorism and that the redevelopment of the city was “not an attack on Jerusalem or Jerusalemites.”

“Our main goal is to make a new and vibrant city of Jerusalem, with a new economy, an economy that will be inclusive of all citizens,” Hefer said.

The Israeli government and Israeli media have also called for the destruction of the Palestinian town of Silwan, which was built on the site in the 1990s to house illegal settlers.

In November, the Israeli government approved plans to build a new settlement in the occupied West Bank that will contain up to 6,000 homes and hundreds of businesses.