‘I have the most gorgeous house in America’: Architectural designer’s stunning, modern home

Architects and designers have been taking inspiration from the past to create stunning homes of the future.

Now, one of them is sharing her most beautiful home design in America.

Michele Ritchie, the wife of acclaimed architect and urban planner James Ritchie and the mother of three, shares the house that she built with her husband in a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Ritchies built their dream home in the Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain, which has a population of roughly 7,000.

The couple moved into their house after the death of their son in 2017.

The home includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two entry halls, all built out of solid brick.

It is surrounded by lush green gardens, and has a spacious entry way that connects the living and dining areas.

The Ritchie’s say they have spent more than $150,000 on renovations, including replacing the roof, replacing the siding, and painting the exterior walls.

It has been decorated with a number of unusual motifs, such as a large, orange-and-blue star, a red and blue cross, and a gold, green, and blue star.

The house also has an entrance hall that connects two bedrooms with a walk-in shower, an underground toilet, and an outdoor fireplace.

The house also features an indoor pool and a walk in pantry.

The interior of the house is finished in a bright, opulent palette of gold, blue, brown, and purple tones, all reminiscent of the decor in the 1930s and 1940s.

The walls are lined with murals of colorful characters, including a peacock, a turtle, a raven, and many more.

Ritchie and her husband designed the house with a focus on traditional European architecture and design principles.

“The home is not only beautiful but also a true reflection of our life in Georgia,” she said.

“I am inspired by history and culture, and I think it has been a major part of my life since I was young.”

The Rittys say the house has garnered a lot of interest from people in the area.

“It is a home that people want to stay in forever, and it is so beautiful,” Ritchie said.