‘This Is Us’ Review: How It’s A ‘Brilliantly New Show’ That’s ‘Dramatically Different’ From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

If you were looking for a show that is truly different than the rest of the competition, you might want to steer clear of “Grey’s” Anatomy.

The “This Is We” season 5 premiere featured a bit of “The Office” in a way that would not normally be seen in an episode of a show from NBC.

And while the episode did not deliver on the show’s biggest moments, it did provide a great excuse to revisit some of the show-within-a-show episodes that have gone down in TV history.

So what are the differences between “This is Us” and “Grey” that made this episode such a special one?

Read on to find out!

“Grey: A Different Kind of Murder” Season 4: We all know that this episode featured a twist on the usual “This isn’t your usual murder mystery.”

Instead, we got to see the murder of a man by a man.

But the twist came in the form of a new twist on one of the main plotlines.

When he was discovered in his own home, he was found with a gunshot wound to the head.

This is not a traditional murder story.

It’s a very different kind of murder story, and it’s very hard to pin down a single reason behind the twist.

This episode had a lot of different elements.

This week’s “This” was a very, very, special episode.

It was really exciting to see that there were so many different ways this twist could have played out.

“This,” in fact, could have changed everything.

“Grey”: This is a “Grey episode.”

It’s not just a rehash of a familiar plot, but a new one.

We had a new protagonist who was also a murder victim.

We saw a new set of suspects.

And we saw a whole new police force.

And it was all told in the first-ever “This”-style episode.

And yet, it all felt so fresh and new.

This season’s “Grey,” as it’s known, is a very big departure from “Grey.”

“Grey was a really great show,” showrunner Alex Gansa told Entertainment Weekly.

“I thought it was a great show and it was always really great to work with Alex, because he was so excited about the material that he came up with.

But it was very much a “this is the first episode of the season,” so the show was never going to be the same.

And we were really excited to revisit that.” “

We wanted to go back in time and explore some of these stories that we’ve been talking about and tell some of those classic stories that have always been part of the fabric of the “Grey universe.

“And we were really excited to revisit that.”

In the season premiere, the show went back to the basics and set up a new mystery that could potentially shake up the show.

“The Murder” The episode opens with a new character who looks like a young boy, who, according to the synopsis, was found dead in his room.

His body was wrapped in an aluminum foil, and a small plastic bag with a knife was found next to him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim’s name is Jody, and he is played by Zachary Levi.

The police believe that Jody was murdered.

Levi, who has a long-standing relationship with “Grey creator” Alex Ganesa, said that he was surprised to find that the murder was a mystery that he hadn’t been able to solve before.

“It was really unexpected for us, because we thought it had to be a mystery,” Levi told Entertainment Week.

“And then when we saw the police work it out, we were like, ‘Well, maybe we should just put him on trial.'”

He then added that he didn’t think it would ever be solved.

“There were so few people that could solve this mystery,” he said.

“But the way we approached it, and how it was presented, we felt it was just as compelling as anything that we’d done before.

In other words, this episode had to have a certain feel. “

After we had a conversation with Alex and Zachary about the possibility of solving it, it felt like the next logical step.”

In other words, this episode had to have a certain feel.

And Levi is really onto something.

The first episode in this new season has a lot to say about the show itself.

Levi said that the first two episodes in this season are “completely different” from the first four episodes of season 5.

“For me, that’s an important part,” he added.

“They’re completely different.

They’re very different.

But they’re also very similar.

They’ve been going through the same things over and over again.

It makes them very similar