Why Australia needs to consider whether to build a new office tower at Port Phillip

Posted November 12, 2018 04:15:31 Australia’s new prime minister has indicated he is open to a plan for a new Port Phillip office tower.

Key points:The government is considering the proposal for a $1.2 billion office tower in Port PhillipThe Federal Government is considering whether to construct the new office building at Port Philip in Victoria.

The Federal Opposition has called for the government to stop building at the Port Phillip site, but the Government has not said whether it would halt construction.

The proposal for the office tower, which is to be built on the former site of the former Melbourne City Hospital, has sparked opposition from the City of Port Phillip, who has said the project is unnecessary.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has indicated the Government will consider whether it should build the office building in Port Philip.

“We will certainly have discussions with the people of Port Philip about that,” he told Sky News on Tuesday.

“The Government is in a position of having to make that decision.”‘

We have a very good plan’The Government has been in talks with the City about the development of a new building site in Port Philippi, and will continue to do so as long as the PortPhillip site is not part of the proposed development.

“Obviously we have a plan in place for that,” Mr Turnbull said.

“It’s something we are exploring very seriously, and it’s something that we’ll continue to look at very carefully.”

However, Mr Turnbull has said it was important to avoid damaging the surrounding area, and said the Government was “very confident” in the site.

“This is a prime example of where we’re working hard, looking at the site very seriously,” he said.

The Government said the plan would involve the building of a $2.6 billion office complex at PortPhilli, including a new residential building, an industrial park and a shopping mall.

“As we have said, the Government is committed to building the Port Philippis office complex on the Port Philip site, and to a new, larger, residential and industrial development,” a spokesman said.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said he was not surprised the Government would consider the proposal.

“They haven’t gone into Port Phillip in the past,” he wrote on Twitter.

“That’s the same plan that we’ve been seeing all year long.”‘

They can’t be done’Mr Guy said it could not be done without a federal government agreement to pay for the project.

“For the federal Government to say that they are going to give us an amount, we have to have a federal agreement,” he added.

“You cannot get into Port Philippina and not pay for that.”

Mr Guy also said the City’s concerns about the site were legitimate.

“I don’t think there is any doubt that the Port of Port Phillips has become an area of concern to people and a site of concern for the City,” he explained.

“People are not going to be happy with the size of the office complex.”

The Government’s plan for the Port, which would include a new high-rise residential tower, was approved by the Planning and Development Committee (PDC) in March 2018.

Mr Turnbull said the city had not been consulted about the proposal and it would be up to the City to find a solution.

“There’s been no consultation, no consultation with the city,” he stated.

“And if they’re not going have a consultation with us, I think it’s really a matter for them to make up their own minds about how they want to build their buildings.”