How to get a $100,000 house in an architecture class

Design studio Zaha Hadid Architects is offering $100k for a new house in a modern design class.

The home, which has a swimming pool and terrace, will be located in Brooklyn’s East Village.

The $100K price tag is for the first two bedrooms.

The home, a six-bedroom, 5,800 square-foot house with a two-car garage, will sit on five acres of land in Brooklyn.

The builder is a ZahaHadid architecture firm and the architects behind the design are Hany Faraj and Hany Zuhay.

The home will be built in two phases, the first phase will include the pool and the landscaping, while the second phase will focus on the house itself.

The designers have said the home will offer a mix of contemporary design elements, with a modern aesthetic and a combination of traditional design elements.

ZahaHadi said in a press release that it plans to work with local designers, architects, and community organizations to develop the home.

“Our mission is to create sustainable, affordable, and inspiring places that create a sense of community and connection to nature,” the company said.

“The design of the new house will allow us to create a new, innovative, and beautiful home.”

The design is described as “a modern, contemporary design in an architectural setting.”

It is being called a “concept home,” meaning that the architects don’t intend to use traditional materials or materials that are traditional to a specific architectural setting.