How to make a house that looks like it’s from outer space

How do you create a house like the one featured in the upcoming film Interstellar?

You can’t really tell from looking at the images, but the design of this futuristic house in the film is inspired by space, which is where the space station is.

The house is called Interstellar House, and it looks like something out of the sci-fi movie series “Interstellar.”

The architects of the project, which was announced by the Australian Space Agency, say they were inspired by a futuristic design by British architect Robert Watson.

Watson designed many futuristic structures around the world including a huge space station, the Moon, and the Mars Rover.

In the film, the space probe is called the Millennium Falcon and its home planet is Earth.

The design for the house is also inspired by the Millennium station in “Interstel.”

When the film comes out, Watson says the design is meant to be “a reference to the idea of a new age, a new form of technology and a new era in human history.”

The project is being done by architect Peter Fenton, who also designed the Millennium Station.

Fenton says he came up with the idea for the new space station after visiting a new space outpost called the Moon Village in Kazakhstan.

“When I came to Kazakhstan, I came across the moon village and it was like a spaceship.

It was really a beautiful place and I thought that was a great idea for a new way of thinking about space,” he told ABC News.

The designers say the concept for the Millennium House was inspired by NASA’s Millennium Explorer mission.

Watersheds like this one in Kazakhstan are a popular place for space enthusiasts to go, Fenton says.

“I’m going to show you what the water looked like in the Millennium Explorer,” he said.

“And it was the same water that we see in the movie.

So I was inspired to do that.””

We had this idea that if you want to build something out there, you need to look at the future and think about the future.

So I was inspired to do that.”

Fenton and the team of designers have already built a few versions of the Millennium Village, but they wanted to see if they could create something completely new.

The Millennium House is just one of a number of futuristic structures the project is going to include in the first Interstellar trailer.

The project has been supported by the National Space Society and the Australian Research Council.

Fernando and the crew are hoping to get a lot of interest from people who are looking to get into the space industry.

Fortunatly, they’re not alone.

A group called Space Pioneers Australia, which includes the head of Australia’s space agency, is working with NASA to create the film’s official theme song, which will be performed by Australian pop singer Jai Alai.

“There’s no question we need to be taking people up the challenge of creating sustainable and sustainable solutions to climate change, but we also need to make sure that we’re making a contribution to a sustainable future and that we want to be a positive influence on the future,” he says.

Founding members of Space Pioneors Australia include entrepreneur Tom Cairns, who created the first commercial satellite, and artist and broadcaster Peter Maitland.

Fellow founding member Paul Smith is the founder of the company’s own studio and was recently awarded a MacArthur Fellowship.

“We’re trying to make the future brighter and better for the future, and for us to inspire the future of space,” Smith says.