Architects design home for $150k in $200k budget

By design.

That’s how an architect and a homebuilder got together to build a $150,000 home on the edge of the San Fernando Valley for their friends, family and neighbors in 2015.

The result is the one-bedroom house that looks like it was built by an engineer with a little help from some woodworking skills.

The owner, Chris Hulshof, is not only a home builder, he’s also an architect.

And it’s all done with minimal design modifications to accommodate his new wife’s demands.

The project was the brainchild of a local architect who wanted to do something different for his community, Hulscof told ABC News.

The result?

A project that’s not only incredibly unique, but also a beautiful piece of architecture.

Hulscaf was inspired to do this home because of the housing crisis in the region, which has seen thousands of new homes built over the last decade.

He and his friends wanted something to offer them in their neighborhood, and Hulspaf said they were interested in the idea of building something that would make a significant contribution to the community.

“I think there are many people that feel the need to get out there and make some noise,” Hulstof said.

“It’s something that we really want to contribute to the communities.”

The home, designed by local architect and home builder Tom Sifley, features a three-story, three-bathroom home with a basement suite and an enclosed garage.

A deck with views of the valley is included, as is a pool.

The project has been in the works for about a year and a half.

Hulstenof said the house was built in the last year with the help of local real estate agent Steve McNeil.

They hired a designer, the interior design team, and a couple of builders to complete the project.

The home’s size is also quite unusual in the area.

It is not a typical home with two stories and five bathrooms, but a two-story house with a garage.

In the neighborhood, a typical house with two floors would typically have four or five bathrooms.

The house, which is now owned by Sifleys parents, has a lot of details to work with.

The main deck and two floors are covered in wood paneling, while the roof has two levels of openings.

The house also has a custom, stainless steel bathtub that is attached to the two-stories of the home.

There is also a large outdoor deck with a pool and a fireplace.

There’s also a small outdoor kitchen with a stove, microwave and fridge, and some of the other amenities that can be found in most homes in the San Gabriel Valley.

The exterior is mostly a blend of natural materials.

There are wood panels and stainless steel trim along the walls.

A wood stain is painted on the floor in a natural-looking color.

Holes in the exterior trim are cut in the wood and polished, and there is a custom wood sealant on the front of the house.

The interior is also made up of natural, wood-framed materials, including a deck and a garage floor.

There also is a full-length bathroom with a sliding glass door.

The bathroom is also fully integrated into the house, with two separate entry points that allow guests to get in and out.

The garage is made up mostly of natural wood, and the entire garage has a garage door.

The most noticeable feature of the design is the custom metal sealant.

The sealant is made of a unique material that has a special properties to it that makes it durable, strong and corrosion-resistant.

HULSPAF said that the sealant has a lifespan of at least 10,000 hours.

This is what it looks like when the seal is applied:This is the finish the seal can be painted over:Sifley said the home was designed to be “a very functional piece,” with a lot more details than the typical homes in that area.

“We wanted to show the community that this is something they can afford,” he said.

The home also includes a fireplace, which allows the house to look much more like a living room, rather than just a bedroom.

The design was inspired by the home of an engineer from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hulfshof said he wanted to have something that looked like an engineering project, but was very practical for a family with children.

The interior is just as functional, but Hulsf said the bedroom features a full bed.HULSPAFFE and HULSTAFFe have worked with other homes in San Gabriel County, and they are looking forward to more collaboration in the future.

“Hopefully the neighborhood and the community can look at this project and say ‘OK, this is how we do it,'” Hulstein said.