How to make your home look like a ‘real’ place

Designers can create a new kind of neighbourhood where residents live, work and play, using the right design principles and a few key ingredients.

A new series of design books aims to fill that gap, covering key design elements for more than 150 major cities around the world.

In this book, the first in a new series, architects from around the globe explore the concepts behind creating a new urban design that feels like a place.

It explores design principles such as scale, modularity, diversity and the need for the home to be “liveable” and the design to be responsive to the community.

The book is co-authored by architect and architect-in-residence Chris Hargreaves and landscape architect Ian Brown.

“We all need to live a better life,” Mr Hargraves said.

“The new home is part of the way we do that.”

Mr Hargrey and Mr Brown will present a range of practical examples of how architects can design their home to meet the needs of people in different ways.

They will be joined by former National Architect of New South Wales Paul McGowan, who has worked on many major city projects.

The book will cover a range, from the traditional to the modern, including the need to consider the neighbourhood and its character.

“For example, we have people who want to live on the waterfront, on the beach, in the open air,” Mr Brown said.

Mr McGowan has also worked on a number of major projects, including The Westfield Hotel and the Southbank Centre, both of which have been recognised for their design excellence.

“In those buildings, the architects were able to take into account the needs and wants of the people living in the buildings,” Mr McGowan said.

“You can take that design principle and apply it to a lot of different types of buildings, but in the case of the Westfield, it’s all about the people.”

Mr McGowns project, for example, includes a community space and a park, a new community centre and an arts and culture centre.

“A lot of architects tend to think of the building as being about the community,” Mr McCowan said, “but you can see that they’re really working with the community and making the building better.”

Mr Brown said the book also covered the key concepts behind “urban design”.

“The big thing is that we want our houses to be accessible,” he said.

“The whole idea is that you should be able to go into the house and you can walk in and out and that you can have a cup of tea and you could talk to a friend.”

You should feel comfortable and you should feel like you belong.

“Mr McCowns is a member of the NSW Institute of Landscape Architects.

The books will be published in March 2018.

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