How to make a space for urban living in Seattle

The design and construction of a home, especially a home with a backyard, is a challenging challenge for any developer.

But the challenges don’t stop there.

As more and more people flock to urban areas, they are looking for affordable homes that are compact and spacious.

The Seattle architect, Ben Bostrom, has been talking about his idea of creating a “city for the living,” a concept where people would live in a city rather than in a sprawling city center.

Bostrom says there’s a great potential for living in a place like Seattle where there is a lot of space to walk around and get away from it all, but it has to be built well.

In addition to housing, Bostrome says there needs to be spaces for education, recreation, and the arts, along with a sense of community.

In his vision, a city of urban living would be an open, inviting place for people to live and enjoy.

He calls his vision a “landscape architecture for living.”

He says that it could become the “home of the city.”

This article originally appeared on New York magazine.