‘Dumb’ home design to be built on ‘dirty land’ in China

A home built on a site where the government of China plans to dump its sewage will be built by a Chinese company with “dumb” design, a Chinese official has said.

The building will be in a suburb in Hubei province, near the city of Wuhan, about 250km (160 miles) east of Shanghai, according to China Daily, a state-run newspaper.

“The site is not suitable for a home, but the site is suitable for building an office building,” Liu Zhaochuan, the deputy chief of the National Construction Bureau of Wuzhen, told the newspaper.

The project will have to be approved by the Chinese government and the site, known as Xinyuangjieo, is owned by the government.

The Chinese city of Chengdu recently announced plans to build a new city in the area.

It will house about 5,000 people, the majority of whom will be migrant workers from the countryside.

“This will be the first major urban development project in China, and it will be very expensive, said Zhang Jianping, head of the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning in Chengdu.”

It is a huge project for the local area.

“The project has been criticised by local people for using the site for construction sites, while local officials have criticised the government for failing to consult local people and residents.

Liu has said the project will be “more environmentally friendly” than the government’s plans.

But the local government said the plans were not in line with environmental standards and had no legal basis.

A spokesperson for the city said they were “not opposed” to the development but had not been consulted before its going ahead.

The development of the new city was delayed by two years after the initial plans were announced in 2014.

But Zhang said the government had given the city a deadline of July 2019 to complete a feasibility study and approve the project.”

We will go ahead with the project,” he said.