The UK’s new £3bn National Forest: The key points

A National Forest is a place of conservation, recreation and natural beauty, protecting the countryside and the environment for future generations.

The £3 billion National Forest Policy is designed to provide a long-term framework to build a resilient and resilient UK.

The policy is part of a wider vision of sustainable growth and long-run economic benefits.

It has been approved by parliament on Monday and is due to be implemented by 2020.

The plan will set out the rules of the park and establish a range of conservation priorities including water quality, wildlife and the economy.

It will also set out rules for managing wildlife and plants.

Key points: The policy will include the setting of conservation targets, rules for conservation and management of wildlife and plant life in the park, and will provide a framework for managing the landscape and its natural heritage over time The policy includes rules for wildlife and vegetation, including rules for water quality and wildlife habitats