What are the benefits of renting out your home?

Toronto’s skyline and harbour are all but gone from the city, but it doesn’t stop the city from trying to attract more residential properties.

A lot of those new developments come with their own set of challenges.

In the meantime, the city is looking to its most famous landmark — the Toronto Reference Library — to offer something new and different.

Article Continued Below”If you’re looking for a place to rent, you should go see the Toronto Rental Survey and then read the whole guide,” said Terence Smith, the library’s executive director.

“I think the library is probably the most iconic library in the world.

It’s a symbol of the city and that’s what the project is about.”

Smith said the Toronto Housing Corporation will be partnering with the library to provide housing for the residents and staff in the facility.

The library will be the first public library in Canada to offer affordable housing for people of all income levels, with an initial goal of offering two-bedroom units.

The first one will be made available this fall.

“We’re excited about it,” Smith said.

“It’s a big commitment, a big opportunity.

I’m excited to work with the city.

It seems like we’re starting to see a trend of urban centres being more accessible to families and young people.”

Smith added that the library will have a small number of full-time staff members working at the library, and the library hopes to hire a full-timber sales person to work in its new offices in 2018.

Smith said that while the library doesn’t have any specific tenants lined up yet, the project will be a collaborative effort.

“The library is looking at all sorts of people and things, and if there’s someone that’s going to be able to fit into the space that we have, then we’d love to work together,” he said.