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The NFL is on the verge of making a major push into the urban landscape.

For the next five years, the league will spend millions on a new $2 billion stadium, which it says will be the biggest development project in the league’s history.

The plan has been in the works for more than a decade and is part of a $3 billion plan to revitalize the Los Angeles area and expand the league into a global player.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday that the NFL will spend $2.6 billion to build a $1.6 trillion stadium and a $500 million hotel and convention center on the site of the now-demolished Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The project, dubbed “Project L,” would bring an NFL team to the desert-inspired site, and create thousands of jobs, according to the Times.

The stadium will house the Los Angles Rams, the Los Chargers and the Los Inglese Bengals.

The project also would include the creation of an indoor soccer complex that would be part of the NFL’s new home in Inglewood, California.

The Rams, who are based in Ingleside, will be playing their first game in the new stadium in 2021.

The new stadium is expected to be finished in 2022.

The NFL announced the plans at a news conference in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday.

“This is a massive development project for the region, for the United States and for our league,” said Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is also the head of the league.

“We’re going to create a world-class venue for the Rams to play in and a global destination for fans to come to.

We’re also excited to welcome the Chargers to Los Angeles and the Bengals to our hometown, so that’s a huge boost to the region.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the project is a “game changer” for the city.

“As we enter a new era in L.A., this project will create millions of jobs and transform our city, with more than 30,000 permanent and temporary construction jobs and over 2,500 construction-related jobs,” Garcetti told reporters.

“And, of course, as the first stadium for a team that will be here for a long time, it’s going to be an incredible place to play and work.”

Los Ingleses mayor said the new project is an investment in the future of the city, and that the new facility will also bring new jobs and investment to the city of Inglewoods.

“This project will bring millions of new jobs to the community and millions more opportunities for local businesses, which means a boost to our economy,” Garcett said.

“It’s going a long way to bring the NFL to the Ingle-wood area, and it’s also going to help revitalize this community and create a great place for future generations to come.”

The stadium project was first reported by the LA Times, which said the Rams would play in a brand new stadium located near the Los Alamitos nuclear power plant.

Rams President Lonzo Ball was at the news conference to unveil the project.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.