The future of Toronto’s tallest building? – The Globe and Mail

By Peter Dolan, Staff ReporterOctober 15, 2018, 7:22:07For a city with a history of buildings falling apart over the years, Toronto’s skyscrapers are going to take some beating in the coming years.

The city’s downtown is going to need a lot more than just a big building and that’s why the city has decided to build a new tower.

Toronto’s proposed Toronto Square tower is an eight-storey, mixed-use tower with apartments and condos on three floors.

The tower would be built on the site of the old Rogers Centre, a massive arena that sat on top of the existing Rogers Arena and Rogers Centre Village.

The proposed building would consist of nine floors and would feature a ground-floor retail and restaurant space.

The retail space would be designed by Bespoke and would be connected to the ground floor by a roof deck.

The retail space will be in a prime location at the top of a building that is currently being converted into residential space.

The tower will be completed in 2021, with a completion date of 2024.

The plan is for a total of 12 floors to be built.

“Toronto Square will be a unique residential and commercial development with a new public space, public plaza and public plaza-style retail,” the city said in a press release.

“The plaza will include an outdoor plaza, restaurants, shops, restaurants and a mix of other amenities that will enhance the experience of this vibrant new neighbourhood.”

The city has been working on the design for about a year.

Toronto’s Design Review Board is looking at how best to design the building for the city’s needs.

The board also will look at the architectural design of the tower.

The design will be presented to the city council for approval in the fall.

“The tower is being built on a site that has been vacant for many years, with little or no public space,” the release reads.

“With the current design for the Rogers Centre site, the building is being proposed to replace an existing, overgrown, and aging public space.”

The tower’s exterior design will have to be approved by the City of Toronto before construction can begin.

The city plans to use a mix a new building design and a new architecture.

“We want to design a tower that is different from the old one,” Toronto’s spokesperson said.

“It is a design that is more modern, contemporary and contemporary, and has a modern aesthetic that is very inclusive.”

The proposed tower will stand in a location that has seen some changes over the past year.

The building is located at the corner of Front Street and York Street.

The site was originally the site where the Rogers Arena was built.

The arena closed in 2002.

Toronto Square has been the site for a number of concerts and events since its construction.

In 2017, the venue was used to host the Canadian Opera’s New Year’s Eve concert.