Architecture’s first-ever ‘urban-design’ project inspired by a classic Japanese architectural text

Architectural designer Atsushi Kato of Tokyo-based architectural studio Biondesign has created a stunning series of two-story buildings called the “Urban-Design” project.

The designs are inspired by two Japanese architectural texts, “Urban Design” and “Shogakukan” by Japanese architect and author Katsuhiro Otomo.

The series, which is being unveiled this week, features a mix of modernist and traditionalist influences, such as an open-plan design, a contemporary architecture style, and a blend of the two.

The “Urban” series features five towers that will be completed this year, with a total of 14,000 square metres of space.

A series of residential buildings will also be built on the site.

The buildings will feature a range of different materials, including glass, steel and concrete.

Each tower will feature at least two floors of glass, one of which will be a separate structure that will open to the sky above.

The two-storey buildings are scheduled to open in late March.