‘A lot of work’ to do on residential architecture

The sport design community is reeling from the death of a former athlete who was a major force behind the creation of the current house style.

Toby O’Hare died on Thursday after a short illness.

His death was announced in a statement from his family.

It was widely reported that the former Olympic champion had suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, with a spokesman for the International Association of Athletics Federations confirming the death.

But in an email to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Sports Council said it was not yet clear if the cardiac incident was a factor in his death.

It said Mr O’Lare’s family were unable to be contacted for comment.

“Our thoughts are with Toby’s family at this difficult time,” the AISCA said.

“A lot can happen in a matter of weeks.”

Mr O’Oare, who played rugby union for NSW, was one of the first people to use a home as the base for a design concept in the 1980s.

In the early 1990s, the sport of rugby union began to take off and the sport has since spread across the world.

His work with the National Rugby League was recognised as one of Australia’s greatest architectural achievements.

It is not known how Mr O’tarri died but his career has taken off and his legacy will be seen by many.

The sports council said he was “a key figure in the creation and implementation of a variety of design concepts”.

“His work, as well as those of many other architects, is widely recognised as a key influence on the modern house style,” it said.

The Australian Sports Code says it “shall be the policy of the Australian Government to protect the reputation of all architects, as determined by the Australian Academy of Architecture and the Institute of Building and Design”.

It does not say how the AASC expects the code to be applied.

It’s understood that a memorial service is being planned.