Architectural design, residential architecture collide in Seattle

Designers and architects are coming together to create something unique that might have been impossible to find before.

The architects at Pritzker-designed Living Room Architecture, in Seattle, have designed a room that sits above an archway on a downtown sidewalk, complete with an elevated walkway and a canopy.

The design incorporates a curved glass canopy, but the structure itself remains an arch, said architect Nicky Stansfield, a co-founder of the studio.

The project will feature a series of living rooms, each designed in the style of an architect’s home.

The project was funded through a $1.6 million grant from the City of Seattle and is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

The Living Room has a central space for each room, where a glass canopy provides natural light, while a canopy is attached to the glass.

The living room is also made of curved glass and will incorporate a canopy in addition to the arch.

The design is inspired by the living room of an Italian architect who was influenced by the idea of a living room with a central area for the living and for reading, and by the architecture of an American architect who also lived in a central living room.

The Living Room is part of a series called Living Rooms and is currently in its second phase of construction.

Living Room Architecture was launched in late 2017, and the project has since been expanded.

The studio is currently working on the second phase, which will include a residential design for the home’s first floor.

Stansfield said she is excited to bring her work to life.

“I think what’s so beautiful about this project is the way it reflects the kind of people who were living there,” she said.

“It’s about the sense of being there, and seeing what’s happening in the community, and being able to bring that to life through architecture.”