How ‘Star Wars’ inspired NFL stadiums

The NFL has a history of making its stadiums unique and unique design, and this one has a whole bunch of unique elements.

We’ve seen it with the new “Star Wars” stadium at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

It’s so big it’s been nicknamed the “Citadel of the North.”

It also has a great interior design, like a huge video game on the walls.

The idea behind it was to design a stadium that was designed around the unique elements of the movie.

So the seating, for example, is in a really big section where you can actually watch the movie through the screen.

It’s very unique.

We’ve seen this in other sports stadiums, too, like the New York Yankees and New England Patriots.

As for the exterior design, there’s a big sign at the front that says “Welcome to the NFL.”

The whole thing is a huge sign.

And the whole idea of the stadium is that the players are in the building, and it’s sort of like a giant arcade game.

It doesn’t feel like a stadium at all, because it’s not really like a real stadium.

It feels more like a video game.

But it’s actually a really great example of what kind of space the NFL could use in a stadium design.

The NFL could design stadiums that have a big screen at the center and an inside that’s kind of like an arcade game, but with more natural design.