Which of these buildings could the next Trump Administration replace with an architecture style?

Land planners, architects, and architects’ unions say they’re all worried about the Trump administration’s plans to build more Trump-branded commercial and residential buildings on public land.

The plan to put a new Trump National Golf Club on public lands in Maryland would be the latest example of the president’s continued focus on land-use planning.

On Tuesday, Trump signed an executive order to put the golf course, and the $2 billion in public-use bonds to pay for it, up for sale to the public.

Trump’s order was widely interpreted as a bid to remove environmental protections, but the Trump team quickly disavowed the proposal, saying it was just “a very important project” that would benefit the local community.

The Trump administration also plans to demolish the old D.C. Zoo and move the Washington National Zoo to Maryland.

Trump has also proposed putting the U.S. Capitol and the U,S.

Fish and Wildlife Service headquarters in the state of Maryland.