‘The house with the view’: Inside the house with a view

FourFourSeconds ago, a young couple took their young daughter to see a house on the edge of a rural section of Sydney’s south-west.

It’s a place called St. James’s House, where the couple’s daughter had been staying when she was in the care of the local authority.

The house is now the site of an investigation by the NSW Government, with a $50,000 grant for restoration.

The pair bought it in 2005 for $8.5 million, after renting it out for a few months to a family friend.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful home, it’s a wonderful house, it has so much character,” the young woman told FourFourNow.

“We’ve been here for three years now and it’s just been beautiful.”

There’s a lot of history behind it, it was built on a piece of land, it used to be a farm.

It was one of the first houses in Sydney to be built, and then later, it became a townhouse.

“The pair moved to the property in 2007, but the family decided to sell it, and they are now trying to restore it.”

I think we should have bought it, we didn’t have the money, but we thought we had to,” the mother said.

The family bought the house for $15 million in 2007 after renting out it for three months.

In the past year, the property has been sold for about $60 million.”

We were thinking, let’s buy this one, let us sell this one,” the woman said.”

And then we thought, let me get this new house built on this land, and we could rebuild it, let the family buy this house.

“The couple is now seeking to reclaim the house and restore it to its former glory.

There is currently a plan to demolish the property and move the family to the former home.”

If it can be restored and we can restore it, then that’s a good outcome for the family,” the father said.

But for the woman, the house has been a blessing and a curse.

She said it has made her think about her family.”

Because I know they are doing well, and I’m thinking, what happened to my family?

“The family moved to St. Peter’s House in 2009, but their daughter’s carers left when they moved into the house.

At the time, the woman and her husband were still living in a town house in Melbourne.

They decided to move to the St. Francis House, which is located close to the Sydney Opera House.

However, they soon realised the family’s health issues were worsening.

One of the reasons for the problems is the constant use of medication and the family now needs to have a home for their son.

Over the years, the family has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs and legal fees to regain control of the property.

But the couple said the current plan to renovate the house is the only way they can afford to buy the property again.”

When you look at it and you see it, I just think, why are we doing this to ourselves?” the mother asked.

Aboriginal community group ‘lives up to its name’The group, St. John’s Aboriginal Community, says the house’s history is “the most significant historical site in Sydney”.

The group said it is in favour of the house being re-built.”

What it represents is that Aboriginal people, when they were in the bush, they lived up to their name,” St. Johns Chief Aboriginal Community Officer Ian Lees said.

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