How to plan for a condo without a home

I have never seen such a large gap between what I would expect and what I find in real estate documents.

I have always assumed that I would see an architectural plan that would make sense, but not one that would actually show the real-estate market as it is.

I am so glad to have found a book that is a step beyond my expectations. 

The book is called A Home Design for the Home, by architect Daniel P. D’Antonio, whose latest book, A Home for the Next Generation, is available on Amazon for $20.

It is an excellent guide to planning your home.

I found it to be a comprehensive book with an engaging, in-depth presentation of how you can improve the quality of your home, your home design, and your home for your family.

I highly recommend it.

The guide includes a set of practical guidelines for building, maintaining, and rehabilitating your home as well as recommendations for when you might want to consider selling your home and buying a new one.

There is also a chapter called The Future of the Home and a chapter on what you can do to prevent a house from becoming a landfill.

The book includes the “Cantor Plan,” a 10-point checklist of what to do to improve your home if you are planning to sell it.

The book has been a revelation to me, but I know it can help you make a decision whether you want to buy or sell your home in the future.

I want to encourage everyone to try it out.

If you want a more complete guide to your home’s future, you can purchase A Home, The Future for $24.95 on