The next wave of architecture will be an art project

Architectural designer and architect Peter Aerts has been tasked with bringing the future to the past.

Art for Architects has just unveiled a series of pieces designed to reflect the current and future trends of the architectural profession.

These pieces include an architectural sculpture that will be built at the end of this year at a location in London called “Corky Park” and an interior space designed to create a “dissolving zone” of air for architects to breathe.

Art For Architects has teamed up with The British Academy of Arts and the British Museum to create the “Airscape.”

The project, which will be on display at the BAM and British Museum in New York from August 1-2, will feature an architectural installation that will create a space that will transform people’s perception of space.

Aerts’ artworks will reflect the “current and future trend in architecture,” said Art For Architects in a statement.

“The result will be a space where the viewer feels like they are being transported to a different time and place.”

Art For Architecture’s “Airspace” will feature a “floating dome” designed to become a “virtual island” that will dissolve around the viewer.

It will also include a “battery-powered solar roof” that generates energy through its heat and electricity.

The dome will allow the viewer to “feel” the “temperature” of the interior and the space surrounding it.

“The effect will be one of floating on the air and floating away,” said Aertson in a video interview.

“It will feel like a floating castle, or floating on an island.

It’s really unique and I think it’s going to be really interesting to look at.

I think the idea is to create something that is a living and breathing thing that feels like a space.”

The dome will also contain “floated” objects that are designed to “transform” the viewer’s perception and environment.

It can be seen in the video below, and can be purchased through the BAMA website:This “batteries-powered” solar roof will allow for solar panels to “generate energy through heat and electric current.”

It will create “a virtual island” where the “residents” can enjoy a “slightly colder” climate than the city at large.

Art In Aperture has partnered with the BAMS to create this “virtual world” of a “fountain of energy.”

This “world” will be filled with a “living, breathing, floating sphere,” said BAM curator and BAMS Director of Photography, Daniel D’Arrigo.

It also will feature “floats” that allow the viewers to “experience an atmosphere of “temperatures that are a little cooler.

Art In aperture will also be showcasing a new collection of art, including “The Airscape” and a series “conceptualized by artists from around the world.” “

As artists, we are looking for new ways to express ourselves in a new way.”

Art In aperture will also be showcasing a new collection of art, including “The Airscape” and a series “conceptualized by artists from around the world.”

The collection will also feature “a collection of works by an array of artists from all over the world,” including “a work by artist Adriano Vazquez of Spain, a work by Brazilian artist Maria Cebolla, and works by Canadian artist Chris Robinson.”

The collection includes a work titled “I’m Alive,” which is titled “an image of a person on the ground.”

The work is an “experimental composition,” said the BMA.

“We hope to show the connection between people, their experiences and the landscape they live in.”

Art for architects has also been collaborating with the British Library and the New York Public Library to bring “living art” to the New World.

The art, “My Life Is Alive,” will be shown at the London Royal Collection and will be part of the London Collection’s “Living Art in the New City” exhibition.

“Living Art” is a collaboration between the British Libraries and the National Library of Scotland, said the British Association of British Architects.

It aims to “bring a visual language of art and visual culture into the lives of the people of Scotland.”

Art in aperture is also collaborating with architects and engineers to create “an immersive experience” for the “next generation of architects.”

“A new wave of architects will be inspired to take up this challenge and develop new ways of thinking,” said a press statement.