The new condo-building boom could be just what the doctor ordered

A booming condo market in Vancouver could be the start of a new wave of development that will allow the city to become a more vibrant, walkable, and livable place.article A few months ago, I spoke with Vancouver-based architecture firm, Vantage Architecture, about how they plan to change the city’s landscape and build a new commercial district in the city.

Vantage is the only firm in the country that is working on the new development plan that will bring a new luxury condo development to the city, dubbed The City of the Future.

The City of The Future is being built by a team of local developers who are going to use an innovative, “totally novel architecture and planning approach to redevelop a downtown core into a destination city” that will include an outdoor plaza, a “green space” and a “public space,” Vantage said in a press release.

The plan includes an “excellent mix of design elements” that are “designed to evoke the urban fabric of the city in a new way.”

According to Vantage, the design of the new project is designed to be “in keeping with the urban environment and the vibrancy of the urban landscape.”

It will include “fences, green spaces, trees, benches, landscaping and pedestrian pathways that will encourage people to take part in the community.”

The project is still in the early stages, but it will be built in phases to “enable more public use and development.”

That includes an area called the Downtown Area, which will include new pedestrian paths, “shared walkways, public art and open space” that is “designed as a hub and entertainment destination.”

Vantage said that they will have to “implement design and environmental standards in a very short period of time,” and that the team is working with “a highly qualified architect to deliver the best possible construction design.”

I spoke to architect and urban design specialist, Mike Hodge, to find out more about the new condo development and what it will bring to Vancouver.

Hodge, who has been designing and planning buildings for more than 20 years, explained how the project is different from the other new condo projects in the region.

He said that Vantage’s project is “the first of its kind, which means that it’s a very different design, that’s very different building system, with a very new concept of a mixed-use, mixed-concrete building that is very different from any other new project that we’ve seen.

So that really gives it that unique flavor and a new sensibility.”

The concept of this project is completely new, and we are doing it in a completely different way, he said.

That’s a huge difference.

The project we’re doing is a completely new concept.

The whole project is so much different than any other project that’s been designed for a condo, that I think really puts it at a different level.

The design of this is very unique, so we have to create a very good sense of scale.

We are very much looking for scale, and scale is very important to me, he added.

It’s a really high density, very high volume development, so the design really has to be really unique and really, really well-thought out.

Huddle added that the project will have many different spaces and features that are planned.

For example, they will be building a “shared park” that connects the buildings with public spaces and a plaza, and the area will also have an outdoor “park and ride” area that will be open to the public, and will be connected to a plaza that will connect to the existing public plaza.

He also said that there will be “open space” in the development area that is designed for people to use, including parks and public spaces.

The project will be a “small-scale project,” with about 40 residential units planned, he explained.

However, the developer said that the residential units will be located in an area with “high densities,” with a population of between 5,000 and 10,000 people.

I think it’s really important to keep density to a minimum, Hodge said.

They’re not going to be able to have as many people living in one building.

They will have a high density of mixed-density housing, but also a high number of people that are using it.

There will be more pedestrian paths and public open space, so there will really be a really different look to it.

I think that’s a great approach to taking it in different directions, but I think there are a couple of issues that are going forward.

The first one is, in my view, we don’t have the scale that we need, and that’s what’s been so challenging about this.

I mean, there’s a lot of work going on and there’s going to need to be a lot more public input and consultation.

It is going to take a while